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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 3, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the future of roe versus wade. the supreme court confirming the leak is real. the draft ruling that would overturn roe versus wade. so, what can this country expect in the final ruling from the court in the coming weeks? tonight, demonstrators on both sides of the issue at the court. the unprecedented leak. the draft majority opinion written by justice samuel alito, saying the 19734 case was wrongly decided and, quote, most be overruled. tonight, chief justice john roberts calling the leak an egregious breach of trust. what does this mean for women if roe versus wade overturned? the 26 states that would likely quickly ban abortion. and the new abc news poll tonight, where do americans stand on this issue?
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terry moran at the supreme court. president biden calling this draft ruling radical. if the supreme court strikes down roe, the president with an urgent warning, saying this will go beyond the right to choose to other basic rights. the right to marry, he said, would be in jeopardy next. mary bruce at the white house. the war in ukraine tonight. russian air strikes knocking out power to parts of lviv. russian forces always launching an assault on that massive steel plant. and what's happened now to the 100 civilians including children who got out of that plant? ian pannell in ukraine. here at home tonight, the newly released surveillance video showing an escaped murder suspect and corrections officer leaving the jail together, triggering this nationwide manhunt still under way what the sheriff tonight has now revealed. the car they might be in. news on the pandemic tonight. this new omicron subvariant. what they're now seeing in the u.s. and in the new york city area.
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we're tracking severe storms at this hour, tornado watches in effect across several states. ginger zee is here. we have news on wnba star brittney griner, held in russia. what the state department is now officially saying tonight. in boston, authorities investigating alleged hazing. the surveillance showing blindfolded students in the back of a u-haul. the sad headline tonight involving the one-time child star from toddlers and tiaras. and at the end tonight, america strong. the 82-year-old navy veteran and his love song suddenly a hit. you'll hear it. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night and we begin tonight with the future of roe versus wade amid this unprecedented leak from the supreme court. tonight, the court has now confirmed that this draft ruling is real. the ruling shows five
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conservative justices ready to overturn roe versus wade. the 1973 decision that laid the foundation for abortion rights in this country. tonight, chief justice john roberts confirming the leaked document is authentic, calling it an egregious breach to the court, saying this is not the final ruling, but has certainly fueled both sides in this emotional debate, alarming millions who came to trust the 50-year-old right to privacy in making this choice as legal precedent and heartening millions of others who have fought to overturn roe versus wade for 50 years. the leaked document showing the five justices supporting overturning roe. the ruling would uphold a mississippi ban on abortion at 15 weeks. justice samuel alito writing for the majority that roe was, quote, egregiously wrong from the start and is unsupported, in his words, by the constitution. and that the authority to regulate it belongs to the states. and tonight, if roe versus wade is overturned, 26 states are likely to ban abortion very
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quickly. president biden tonight calling this draft ruling a radical decision and warning it raises questions about other issues of privacy, including contraception and the right to marry. and tonight here, the new abc news/"washington post" poll showing 70% of americans say the decision to have an abortion should be left to a woman and her doctor. so tonight here, what is the likelihood that this draft ruling will change in any significant way before the final ruling is expected in weeks? and what does this mean for millions of women across this country? we hear from all sides here. rachel scott in ohio, but we begin here with abc's terry moran who has covered the supreme court for years. >> reporter: from the first moments, the news of the leaked opinion on abortion drove people to the steps of the supreme court, in outrage and joy. >> my body, my choice! >> abolish abortion!
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>> reporter: the leaked document dated february 10th is labeled the first draft of an opinion of the court. written by justice samuel alito, the 67-page draft opinion is clear, sharp, and scornful, declaring in its opening par paragrafs that roe versus wade "must be overruled." and that the 1972 ruling "was egregiously wrong from the start." alito adding -- "its reasoning was exceptionally weak." several times, alito describes medical doctors who provide abortion services as "abortionists." and alito dismisses the argument in roe versus wade that the right to choose abortion is part of the constitutional guarantee of liberty and privacy, insisting -- "the inescapable conclusion is that the right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation's history and traditions." forseeing the controversy that overruling roe will generate, alito writes the court must be above it all. "we cannot allow our decisions to be affected by any extraneous influences such as concern about the public's reaction to our work." the leaked opinion is written on behalf of five conservative justices. three of them, appointed by
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president donald trump, and they were all pressed about whether they would overrule roe versus wade at their confirmation hearings. >> so a good judge will consider as precedent of the united states supreme court worthy as treatment of precedent like any other. >> reporter: justice brett kavanagh was even more specific. >> one of the important things to keep in mind about roe v. wade is that it has been reaffirmed many times over the past 45 years. >> reporter: senator susan collins of maine, a supporter of abortion rights, was a critical republican vote for kavanaugh and justice neil gorsuch, but today, in a statement, she says they may have deceived her. "if this leaked draft opinion is the final decision and this reporting is accurate, it would be completely inskibt with what justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh said in their hearings and in their meetings in my office." today, a spokesman for the supreme court confirmed that alito's draft opinoin is
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authentic, but added that it "does not represent a decision by the court or the final position of any member." but outside, at the steps of the court, it felt like the deed had already been done. she might grow up in a country without the choice. >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> it's horrible. it's so depressing. it's shocking. i can't believe it. and it makes me want to move to a different country. >> reporter: this moment, it must feel like try yum ch is at hand. >> indeed. it does. when i saw it, i was texting everyone, i mean, it was just -- what? it's incredible and -- >> reporter: with joy? >> with joy, indeed. we're ecstatic. >> reporter: for the institution of the supreme court, the leak itself is an unprecedented crisis. chief justice john roberts issuing a statement calling the leak "a singular and egregious breach of trust that is an affront to the court." but roberts insisting, "the work of the court will not be affected in any way. >>" roberts has ordered the marshal of the court to launch an investigation into the source of the leak. >> the court should tune out the
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bad faith noise and feel completely free to do their job. they should follow the facts and the law, wherever that leads. >> reporter: but democratic senator elizabeth warren was anguished. >> this is what the republicans have been working toward this day for decades. they have been out there plotting, carefully cultivating these supreme court justices so they could have a majority on the bench who would accomplish something that the majority of americans do not want. 69% of people across this country -- across this country, red states and blue states, old people and young people -- want roe versus wade. >> and so let's bring in terry moran at the supreme court. terry, we can hear demonstrators on both sides in the audio behind you. i know the court says this draft ruling, though they confirmed
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it's authentic, does not represent the final decision of any member. but bottom line here, the language could change some, but for people at home trying to track where all this is headed, you covered the court for years, how often do the numbers change on the court, especially on an issue like this one, in the weeks before the final ruling? >> reporter: it's rare, david. it has happened, it's happened in some high profile cases that justices switch their vote, but in this case, given the oral arguments last december when the conservatives were clearly asking questions not about whether to overrule roe versus wade, but how they might do it and given the strength and force of this opinion, it's clear the writing is on the wall. these people know it. rope's days are numbered. david? >> you can hear the deep emotion there behind you. terry at the court. as we showed you at the top tonight, 70% of americans say the decision over abortion should be between a woman and her doctor. there was another number in the poll, as well. when asked this way, should the court uphold roe versus wade or overturn it, a majority, 54%
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supported upholding the decision. 28% support overturning it. abc's rachel scott has bee reporting on this issue for many months now, on the major changes already at the state level, affecting millions of women. and now this leaked draft ruling from the court set to potentially affect women across this country. rachel scott from ohio tonight. >> reporter: if the supreme court ultimately overturns roe versus wade, at least 26 states likely to quickly ban abortion outright, including right here in ohio. if abortion is outlawed in this state, what would you think? >> well, i'd say they are denying us our rights. period. >> it's a woman's right to her body. that's just not right. >> reporter: you sound concerned. >> yeah. i'm upset. i'm upset. >> reporter: but for others, today's news, a big victory. >> i think it's a long time coming. and i think there should be a ban. >> reporter: even with all eyes on the supreme court, states around the country, including many across the south, are
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already tightening restrictions, forcing women to travel far from home to get an abortion. here in cincinnati, abortion providers we spoke with say they've seen women coming from as far away as oklahoma. and tonight, oklahoma's governor signing a bill banning abortion as early as six weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant. clinics there were already booked out for weeks. we spoke with nicole, a single mother of two boys. she was told she had to drive to kansas to get an appointment. what was that conversation like on the phone when you were trying to schedule that point? >> i was devastated, i started crying. i didn't know what my next step would be. i just couldn't believe it. and as i was crying, she was amazing, she's like, you know what, we can't do it here, but i can help you find a different facility. it's going to be in a different state. >> reporter: the impact of these new laws already felt in the states, and if the supreme court does in fact overturn roe,
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change will sweep across the country. >> let's bring in rachel scott, live in cincinnati tonight. and rachel, i know it is also primary day in ohio. this issue, this leak from the court was front and center in these final hours today as voters were going to the polls. i also know the republican senate nomination up for grabs, a big test of former president trump's influence. but first, the news from the court, this draft ruling, if roe v. wade is overturned, this immediately becomes a major issue with these midterms approaching. >> reporter: yes, david, and i can tell you that both sides are hoping to use this as a rallying cry. democratic senate majority leader chuck schumer saying today, the rights of 100 million women are on the ballot this november. and tonight, right here in ohio, one of the most expensive and contentious primary races in the nation, out of a crowded field, former president donald trump deciding to support author j.d. vance. tonight will be the very first test of the strength and the power of that endorsement, david. >> you'll continue to follow that race, as well as the large
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herb issue here at play. rachel scott tonight, thank you. and one more note on this tonight. president biden reacting with alarm at this leaked draft coming from the supreme court, calling it, quote, radical, in the president's words, if roe versus wade is overturned, and warning that it won't stop there. >> if it becomes the law and if what is written is what remains, it goes far beyond the concern of whether or not there's a right to choose. it goes to other basic rights, the right to marry, the right to determine a whole range of things. >> so, let's brick in our senior white house correspondent mary bruce. she's live at the white house tonight. mary, the president saying congress must act but this white house knows they don't have the votes here. >> reporter: inside the white house, they are well aware there is simply little they can do to counter the court. the legislation that the president would like to see happen isn't going though happen. a point that the president seemed to acknowledge today. so, instead, biden is looking ahead to november, urging all
3:44 pm
americans to back candidates who support abortion rights. and the president, as you note, is already warning that this decision could have widespread effects beyond abortion, impacting other freedoms, including access to contraception and gay marriage. david? >> mary bruce, thank you. our thanks to you, rachel scott, and terry moran. our coverage of the abortion battle for tonight. in the meantime, we move onto the other news this tuesday evening. the war in ukraine. the russians carrying out hundreds of attacks in western ukraine. lviv, normally a safe haven, tonight, parts of that city without power. more than 100 people e vac waited from the mariupol steel plant finally reaching safety. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell inside ukraine again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, russian air strikes on the western city of lviv, near the border with nato ally poland. knocking out power in parts of the city.
3:45 pm
russia saying it carried out 400 attacks across ukraine today. its troops launching an assault on the steel plant in mariupol it's been bombing for weeks. fighters there making a last stand and scores of civilians still believed to be hiding there. today, more than 100 civilians were finally brought to safety from the plant. ukraine's fight back against russia has been possible in part because of billions of dollars in u.s. weapons. today, president biden visited an alabama factory to thank the workers who make javelin an anti-tank missiles. >> you're allowing the ukrainians to defend themselves. and quite frankly, they're making fools of the russian military in many instances. kharkiv today, as ukrainian forces are succeeding in pushing them back from the city. i don't know if you can hear the sound of that. we're on the outskirts of kharkiv at the moment. we're hearing the sound of heavy
3:46 pm
bombardment taking place. the sound of tank fire going out, rocket launchers, artillery strikes coming in. now, the ukrainians have been on the offensive, pushing the russians back, but it looks as though the russians are trying to assert themselves and get back into this area. at least two rockets hit kharkiv today. not one of them struck a military target, as russia often claims. and the youngest are being caught in the fighting. including 15-year-old kira. she was with two friends when a shell landed nearby. your friends who were injured, are they okay? "one of my friends has left hospital," she says. "the other didn't make it." this is the reality of russia's war in ukraine. david, despite all of these aerial attacks, the russians on the ground here are getting pushed back ever closer to their
3:47 pm
border. and what's happening around kharkiv is the strongest indication yet that russia's second phase in this war isn't going to plan. david? >> ian pannell in ukraines second largest city again tonight for us. ian, thank you. back here at home now, to the severe storms at this hour, in fact, tornado watches in effect right now across five states from indiana to pennsylvania. at least four tornadoes reported in just the last 24 hours, including this one in oklahoma. dangerous storms heading into the night and then a new storm system on the move tomorrow. chief meteorologist ginger zee back with us tonight and ginger, we never like when these watches come during the overnight hours. >> reporter: and david, we don't like to see them extend north to places like cleveland in these later hours. and so, that's exactly what happened moments ago. the tornado watch expanded and now not only includes cleveland, but pittsburgh, back to parts of west virginia and kentucky. we saw west liberty have guests over 64 miles per hour. by tomorrow, we are looking at a new storm. that's going to move through with that dry line.
3:48 pm
that sharp division of moisture and dry air, and that brings in and starts up storms. and it looks like late there for the plains from abilene up to say oklahoma city and norman. by thursday, it's the area there from sleeve part and southern missouri. david? >> ginger, thank you. we turn in the meantime to the pandemic tonight and the cdc releasing new numbers this evening, showing that new omicron subvariant steady increasing across the u.s. now accounting for 36% of new cases nationwide, and nearly 62% of cases in new york and new jersey. tonight, 38 states have seen cases rise 10% or more in just the last week and overall, hospitalizations are ticking up nearly 10% since last week, as well. when we come back here tonight, that newly released surveillance showing that escaped murder suspect and the corrections officer leaving together. and what the sheriff has now revealed. giorgio, look. the peanut butter box is here. ralph, that's the chewy pharmacy box
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♪ i want you to know ♪ >> they would eventually get married. two sons, five grandchildren. one of those grandchildren, matt, also a trumpeter, nearly a decade ago uncovering his grandfather's original sheet music for that song, recently recording the song with eight musicians. ♪ my love ♪ >> releasing "my love" 64 years later. ♪ i want you to know ♪ ♪ i yearn for you so ♪ ♪ the days pass me by ♪ >> and here tonight -- >> hi, david.p>> mort and susan. >> i wrote the song "my love" 64 years ago and never dreamed it would take us on this journey. >> posting this new tiktok, writing, "took 64 years, but we can finally dance to this song."
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>> chief justice john roberts has called for an investigation into who leaked those draft opinions, but abortion rights advocates, many of them had me,
4:00 pm
are angry and now channeling that anger into actually fighting back. tonight, growing anger and disappointment among abortion rights advocates after politico published a leaked draft opinion suggesting that the days of the roe v. wade abortion rights ruling's days may be numbered. hundreds of activists taking the fight directly to the supreme court plaza. >> they are not going to get away with this. i don't care what i have to do. >> the high court the draft document is real, but the opinion on the issues, including the landmark roe v. wade decision, is not final. chief justice john roberts plans to an -- plans to aggressively investigate the